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Note to People Who Want Translations

Personal, Family, Frivolous

Life (not actually) in (but very close to) the Jungle.

The Flora and Fauna of Lundu in pictures

Otto's Durian Page

The Karl Steinmayer Page

A Tribute to my Brother
17 May 1957 - 3 October 2002


Literary and Classical Stuff, Papers, poems,
'Pataphysics, and Borneo Things

Richard Garnett's The Twilight of the Gods and Other Stories.

Classic Ground: Essays on Classical Literature first published in the New Straits Times

Dr. John Arbuthnot's The Art of Political Lying

Book Reviews
Jaap Schröder Discography Page

  Fugue Kit.  Build Your Own Completion for Bach's Art of Fugue!!

Note to those looking for---

Jalai Jako' Iban: A Basic Grammar of the Iban Language of Sarawak

Some time ago this book went out of print and I attempted to keep it available by scanning it, making a PDF file of it, and posting it.  My website immediately crashed and stayed crashed for a long time.  If any of you would like a copy of this book, please write me directly.  My former "permanent" e-mail address no longer works.  You may write me at:   or    or 

Recent... Aurelio Aureli's libretto for the opera Eliogabalo music by Francesco Cavalli, 1667. (The recording of the 2004 performance directed by René Jacobs is available at )  Really groovy and bent opera!  Click here for Aureli's libretto.

Less recent... Ka orang Iban ti nitih pengarap Kristyen, bup "Jalai Ngator Pendiau."

Indai Sam ngasoh aku ngesekan bup tu lalu ngengkah nya ke Jala ka pangan iya.  Bup tu lama, di-tulis, kenu aku, sebedau Perang Jepun tauka enda lama lepas nya, lalu mar amat di-temu diatu.  Fail nya dalam pisin PDF lalu besai, kira 17MB.

Jalai Ngator Pendiau

Sorta Newish "Collecting Getah," an interview with Baki anak Resol recorded by me 3 June 1994, in Iban (MP3)

Ngumpul Getah

Lundu area from airliner

 Otto’s Lundu Page


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